Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Blessing in Disguise

These last few weeks have been pretty "dramatic". On the fourth, my car was stolen from my driveway. All that I felt to be a necessity, was in my car. The boys car seats, Treys stroller, my guess sandals, my sun hat, my bible and the "MOST IMPORTANT" {DRUM ROLL....} my all consuming, app for everything, link to the outside world... My cell phone. I can honestly say that, MOMENTARILY, my heart sank to my toes and my stomach leap into my throat.

I spent a great portion of the following days thinking about all that had been wrongfully taken from me. Rendering my children and I "stuck", so to speak. I made the calls that needed to be made. And luckily, the big things were insured. But, I was having a hard time being out of touch with what I considered to be "reality". {facebook, twitter, my friends} All the while, MY reality was right in front of my face. The "cyberness" is 100% an escape. {THIS IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT, BUT I NEEDED A REMINDER} I was able to spend some AMAZING time with my boys! We made origami, we played outside, many fun things!! Concentrated, uninterrupted time was needed for ALL parties.

I realize that, everything that was taken - it's all just STUFF - distractions from what is TRULY important in my life. I ended up receiving my replacement cell phone on Friday, but I am making a conscious effort to put it aside and focus on my AWESOME kids!

I hope that who ever stole my car needed it more than I did.

I feel that there can be joy and peace in ANY situation, you just have to dig deep to find it! {ITS NOT EASY, AND IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!! IT'S OKAY TO BE UPSET!!} This event, has not only been a minor bump in the road of life, but it has also been an eye opening blessing!