Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Body Blues

Every year in April, I find myself franticly trying to shape up and lean out my perpetually out of shape body. I'm talking - thought consuming, calorie counting - frantic. It tears me apart to think that I have to bare parts of my body that I NEVER want to bare to the general public... this is in no way limited to wearing a bathing suit, my friend! Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless dresses.... this is all HORRIFYING to me!! No joke. Needless to say: I am continually asking myself "Am I good enough?". I would even go as far to state that I cannot let myself feel beautiful unless I have reached my goal. This, my friend, is a lie.

The earthly standard of beauty, barely skims the surface of what beauty truly is! I have to remind myself that beauty is not a figure, sharp features or olive toned skin - BEAUTY IS LOVE. Beauty comes from within and bursts into light! It resonates in our words and seeps out of our pores. It comforts. It protects. It strengthens and uplifts!

Let that sit with you as we quickly approach this season of summer - bathing suits and all. I want to tell you that I will continue working out, but I will not let it consume me! Health is the goal - not "beauty".

Thanks for joining me in my random, profound thought! I sure know how to lather on the cheese factor, no?!


  1. Girrll...once again, you nailed it!! You will always be beautiful in my book!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Not gonna lie, when I first saw this update, I was about to get on your case for being to hard on yourself, and going down an unhealthy route of weight loss obsession. What an enjoyable read to surprise me :) Well done friend, I'm proud of you and I LOVED this post!

  3. I completely and totally relate to that frantic feeling every Spring. It sometimes consumes me. Thanks for the reminder that we bring beauty to the world by being loving, joyful, comforting, peaceful. I need to work on that even MORE than I do my physical body.