Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To: Josh

Soo, it's been a year and a half(two days ago) and not a day has gone by that Trey hasn't talked about you. He's so curious to know you as well as he possibly can. He'll do something that makes me laugh and says, "Did my daddy do that, too??" with a giant grin on his face. He thinks motorcycles are awesome, but has a healthy fear of riding them. He is frickin' the FUNNIEST kid. He'll be in trouble - make a goofy face or say SOMETHING hilarious- I'll try not to laugh and in a crazy voice, he'll say, "It worked.". You would get the biggest kick out of who he's becoming! He's JUST like you. A mini Josh.

He's learning to cope with not having you here. It's not easy, but we're getting into a rhythm. As difficult as it is- his sweet heart knows that you're COMPLETELY out of pain. No more back pain, no more achy screws in your knees- although, you could always tell when a storm was coming! Haa. I've told Trey about how your knees would ache. He wants that "power" someday. Don't worry, I told him it wasn't fun to have achy, hardware filled joints! I only know because of what I had experienced vicariously, through you.

Trey wants to be Batman when he's a grown up. Just something I thought you should know. He wants to defeat bad guys, like Joker and Harley. (he plays Batman 2 on his DS. Like a pro) He still loves Scooby Doo and STILL has the Scooby Doo costume that he wore on your last Halloween (2010) together. Sometimes he even begs me to put it on him. Ahahaha! It's funny because he's a GIANT 4(almost 5)yr old. It didn't even fit him a year and a half ago, when we picked it up from the little house. A little perspective for you, an 8year old from church had a birthday party last week and I realized that Trey stands about an inch taller than him. Crazy. Jake is 8, too. He and Trey are *almost*, but not quite, eye to eye. He's gonna be a beast.

Anytime the Seahawks come up in conversation, he talks about the time you took him to a game. He also tells me that he wants to be a Seahawk when he's older. He wants everybody to watch him play. I'm not sure how I feel about contact sports, though...(the injury thing). I *know*. Stop being such a mom! I can't help it! I don't want to watch my baby suffer concussions, BROKEN NOSES(that was your thing), punctured lungs... No thanks. Instead, I'll just tell him stories of you jumping out of 20ft tree's onto trampolines and SIMULTANEOUSLY breaking your nose and knocking yourself out. I'll tell him stories of how you would convince your mom to buy your favorite chips at the grocery store by POPPING the bag so she would have to. I'll tell him stories of your ability to make ANY line from any movie hysterical. I'll tell him how you would make up songs for him to try and calm him down when he was fussy. I'll tell him how you would call him your sweet buddy boy. And I'll tell him how your face would light up when you'd look at him. How he was your absolute, most favorite person in this ENTIRE world. And you were very much his. You still are. A year and a half later, we are here. We are learning to cope, but you are still very much a part of our lives. We're moving on, but NOT without you. So much love.

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