Saturday, May 12, 2012


This morning I ran my first 5K! What a great feeling. There's something about running outside that wipes out all the anxiety pent up in the pit of my stomach. And to be running with other people, for such a powerful cause - for sure feeling blessed. I'm reminded daily that life is about so much more than our current struggles. If you've been on this (somewhat serious) journey with me, you've probably realized that *my* struggle is being able to let God guide me. Power struggle, if you will! I'm learning that if something or someone is meant to be in my life - God will make a way. Without a doubt! I know this is true, regardless of how often I wrestle with it.

After the run, the man cubs and I met my good friend at my favorite park in the entire world. It was the perfect day to be exploring in the Pacific Northwest. The tide was out and the sound was teaming with LIFE! Right at our fingertips - this is the best way to learn about nature. We (the boys and our friend, not I) dug up clams, we found a handful of baby starfish, about a million popcorn crabs AND I skipped my first rock!! I've never been able to do that! After exploring marine life, we went (back) up to the play ground and the boys made "sand angels" in the sand/dirt pit. They were covered in dirt and Lord knows what else...This week of decision making and to be honest, sadness, has ended on a great note. Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I am happy with the gift of love my boys have given me. They are amazing. Celebrate your mothers well this weekend.

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