Monday, May 14, 2012

donut monday

Okay, so this weekend was so great. I was So. Busy. And there is no doubt that I am exhausted.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and my boys woke me up with the best snuggles and cards a mama could ask for. The day, as every Sunday does, started bright and early and didn't end until midnight! {I feel like this is becoming a trend for my weekends, but this weekend was exciting!} We went to church, lunched with my family, took a quick nap and went down to an Irish pub in Ballard to watch my brother sing at his first open mic! My boys and I are so blessed.

Here are a handful of pictures I snapped along the way!

Trey made the card. So sweet. And Jake saw this Hallmark flower on TV and HAD to have it for me. My heart is full.

Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard

On to TODAY...

Lots of sunshine and TONS of water. I could stay outside all day when the weather's like this.

Books {and more water} after a long day in the sun!

Clearly exhausted.

AND I'm wiped out... Although - somehow, I've managed to muster up the  energy to watch The Bachelorette... 
 The pictures are better than my tired mama words can convey! CHEERS!!

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