Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tunnel Vision?? Nah, I Just Need to Get it Off My Chest.

My life has been less than conventional, wouldn't you say?! Well, my dating life would be equally as eclectic, in many ways.

If I am going to date someone -- I have GOT to see where my boys and I fit into their life. I can't be going out 4 nights a week. I can't date someone that has every second of his time filled with activities. My kids and I have a routine(kids need that). My kids pay attention to when I go somewhere. They pay attention to when I come home. They notice when I'm feeling off, or sad. Dating - That. Seems. Impossible. And I'm sure this sounds oh so trivial. But this is what I'm thinking about right now, and it just seems impossible. {No - this is not all I think about. But right now, I need an outlet. I apologize for spilling this on you.} I don't even know if I'm there. I might not be ready for dating. That's a scary thing. I haven't had a boyfriend in over 5 years. I don't know how this works. My life is: food, laundry, school, sleep - repeat. I guess if I were to start 'officially dating' (which I won't anytime soon) I would start off with a one night out a week, thing. If I feel like he meets my criteria -- maybe I'd introduce him to my kids. He would have to be really amazing and God would have to be telling me that this guy's worth hanging around.

And release.

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