Thursday, June 14, 2012

Timing is Everything. Balance is Key.

Balance, like a peacock in the wind. So important. HA.
I know that God has such a great man for me. I just know it. What I am learning is that I haven't met him because it's not the right time. I need to keep reminding myself that I won't have to push to make it work. When I meet him, our lives will just fit. Like a puzzle piece. He'll want to make time to spend with the boys and I - doing things that we do on the daily. It'll just work. It won't be forced or uncomfortable. The truth is, I have this full time "job" at home. I'm busy with my kiddo's all day. It's both physically and emotionally draining! By the time evening comes around, and normal people my age get off work to do what they do - I'm ready for bed. It's hard enough to make it out for my growth group once a week! Dating is burning the candle at both ends, to me. So sorry, but I don't want to touch it with at 20ft pole. I've tried before, and it just doesn't work. One area of my life, or another ends up being neglected. I love going to concerts (something that I will still occasionally do -- meeeh... at least once a month...) and I love hanging out with friends (another thing that I will continue doing...), but the bars and the singles life is not for this mama! Also, I'm not that great with small talk... I'm either real awkward talking about the weather or food... or I'm real awkward and jump into heavy conversation. Which isn't nearly as welcome as I would *hope*. Really, a lose/lose situation! I just know what I'm looking for - and I'm getting my priorities in line! This girl's on a mission to find, what I like to call balance! By building boundaries and sticking to them. Because I will have healthy relationships. Oh, yes. I will. }}now I'm dropping the mic{{

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