Saturday, May 8, 2010



Over the course of the last few months, {it may be safe to say the last few YEARS} I have come to realize the CoMpLeXiTy of my life and path that I have chosen to embark upon. My life is complicated, messy, hard to follow and just plain CHAOTIC! It's unknown to most {present company [myself] included} why I made, and continue to make the choices that I have... It is now that I am begining to see the bigger picture. The reason for all the stress. THE REASON IS SIMPLE: If it weren't for the "ratsnest" in my life I would not be able to see THE BEAUTY IN THE LETDOWN.

You see, to me this is not mearly a fancy TITLE for my blog, it is a phrase that has kept me searching for the hints, the hidden treasures that life {God} has dropped in my lap. This is my DENOUEMENT. Right here, {amidst the chaos, and the noise} I find peace knowing that I am learning, and GROWING into the person that I have been created to be!! That person is made to LOVE unconditionally, and to be there for those in need. Not only have my experiences shaped who I am today, they have opened my eyes to something powerful! One day, I dream of being able to help people through the tustles of LIFE. Until then, this will suffice! And I'm happy with it!



  1. I know your dream will become a reality!! <3

  2. I've used the title "beautifully letdown" for a while after the switchfoot song of the same title. It's so hard to see the beauty in pain sometimes, especially when in the midst of it. But all beautiful things come from pain, letdown or disappointment, don't they?

    I too am just starting to see the beauty, the possible reason for the things I've gone through the past couple years, so I will watch your blog with anticipation. :)