Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whirl Wind!

This week has been CRAZY, busy so far! I'm working at Anthropologie, and there is so much to learn there! Register training was on Sunday, and I seemed to absorb that like a spounge - however fitting room training was yesterday.... Oh. My. Lord.... I was SO not expecting that! Customers, one on top of the other, rooms to clear, clothes to process, people to greet, sizes to check, boards to write on, go backs to do....{gasping for air!} all while staying calm and collected, in an orderly, timely, graceful manner!

Ah... at the end of the day, I would say that I did fairly well {for a newbie}. In the moment, though... shoot me in the foot!

I am realizing the parallels between a retail fitting room and life, itself. {CORN BALL ALERT {AT LEAST I'M WARNING YOU}} I so often get caught up in the now, that I RARELY take a step back to see the progress that I have made, over the years. I know this is not a new concept that I am bringing to light, and I have shared before the importance of celebrating the small victories, but it is a re-occurring message that is being brought to my attention.

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of LIFE, and we all too seldom, remember where we COME FROM, where we ARE GOING, and the DRIVING FORCE BEHIND OUR TASK.

Let's be honest, I begin things with pride and arrogance, and REGULARLY, I am reminded that I'm NOT living for myself. {And let me tell you, it is NOT an elegant process!!!} I have been bRoKeN and Restored through ONE channel, and that is God. I am living because He created me! He created me in His image, to bring Him glory. NOT to glorify myself, in my accomplishments - or anyone else!

What are YOU living for? Are you serving a higher power, or are you going it alone, to build yourself up? And if I may ask, are you really satisfied in and of yourself? I know I'm not.

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Until Next Time,



  1. I love you, Angela! Really, it is so awesome to see the Lord working in your life. And to think, I've had the privilege of watching you grow since you were 13! What a privilege. God is so amazingly good!

  2. You amaze me!!! Once again, I'm so proud of you!!!