Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Me

{read on... these are the lamps that I found the day that I was talking with my friend}
I am an avid thrifty! I LOVE to hunt for treasures!!!

I often find myself MeAnDeRiNg through second hand shops, thinking up a story for the {select} pieces that I will call my own. [DORK ALERT!!!]

My typical "routine" for thrifting is:




*ART* {sometimes}




I was telling a friend the other day that I REALLY wanted to thrift some MILK GLASS LAMPS. And how I enjoy the satisfaction from actually finding things for myself! There is a gratification that comes with having a piece that is completely my own, something that would be HARD to duplicate...

that leads me to the depth of this post...

Every person {living thing} is unique to themselves. We are made with different strengths, different weaknesses, and individual ideas. We strive - no, no - we thrive on becoming individualistic or unique. {I may be speaking for my self, so please correct me if I'm wrong!!} We get caught up in what will set us apart from the rest. I tend to FORGET the fact that I don't need to try to be individual - I just am. I have been made special. {maybe, not the best selection of wordage} I am not someone that can be or will be duplicated. It is true that there will be others with similar trates, skills, etc. but NO ONE will ever be me. I believe that God has a very specific calling for every person! Just like my thrifting treasures, He's hand picked to be impossible to duplicate! He made me precisly the way that I am. Every strength, every weakness, every emotional and physical wound that I have... That is what sets me apart.

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